Access Alert – The Hatchery


This morning Ascent N.B. has leaned of an access issue at 'the Hatchery'. This newly discovered ice climbing area quickly rose to fame over the past 6 weeks and has been described as some of N.B.'s best ice. Cars have been lined up at the trail-head every weekend since its discovery.

As of yesterday, a 'no-trespassing' sign has been installed by the landowner at the trail-head. Our initial indications are that this applies only to the land that the snow-shoe trail passes. The climbing areas are on separate properties.

Ascent N.B. is contacting the landowner to assess their concerns, and to work towards restoring access for the community. In the interim, we are asking all ice climbers to please respect this landowner's wish.

It's our hope to have a suitable solution very soon. If none can be reached, we're looking at a potential alternate route to access this area. At the same time, Ascent N.B. has already been in contact with the landowner of the main 'Hatchery' area and is in the early stages of securing a long-term access agreement.

Again, we'd ask you to please respect the 'no trespassing' signage while we work to find a solution. More updates to come.

The Exec,
Ascent N.B.

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