Constitution of Ascent New Brunswick

Adopted on the 14th day of September, 2013


1. Name.

- The name of the association shall be Ascent New Brunswick (Ascent).


2. Goals.

- Acquire and preserve access to New Brunswick climbing areas.

- Promote responsible climbing practices.

- Exercise a climbing management plan as determined by the Bylaws.


3. Powers.

- Ascent delegates its power to the Executive for ongoing and day to day concerns, while more encompassing, roadmap issues are dealt with by the Board of Directors.


4. Membership.

- Any physical person who uses climbing areas in New Brunswick may become a member of Ascent.

- Membership shall terminate on March 31st of each year.

- Membership provides access to all climbing areas for which Ascent has official agreements in place.

- Membership may provide special permissions with respect to Ascent endorsed events.

- Other membership requirements and benefits will be determined by the Bylaws.

- Members can be removed from Ascent by vote only.  Only members of the Executive can vote to remove a member, and 66% of Executive must be present.  A yea vote of 50% permits the removal of a member.

- A member can appeal their removal to the Board of Directors.   The Board of Directors decision is final and binding.

- A list of the membership will be maintained by the Vice President.


5. Board of Directors

- Ascent will be steered by a three member board of directors.  These Directors will be voted in by the members, on a biennial basis.

- Directors are responsible for the drafting of the Bylaws.

- Board of Directors candidates must have led Cheekbone Corner (or another route requiring equivalent competency) and have contributed to development of climbing routes in NB.

- Any expense of greater than $500 a will require a vote by the Board of Directors of at least 50%.

- Board of Directors meetings will be held twice a year, with a month’s notice.

- Quorum for Board of Directors meetings is 66%.

- Minutes for Board of Directors meetings will be taken by a Director agreed upon at meeting commencement.


6. The Executive

- Ascent will be managed by three members of the Executive.

- President

- Vice President

- Secretary/Treasurer

- The Executive will be elected at the Annual General Meeting.

- The Executive will participate in the day to day management of Ascent.

- The Executive are responsible for the solicitation of new access agreements.

- The Executive are responsible for the maintenance of existing access agreements.

- The Executive must be residents of New Brunswick.

- Each member of the Executive must have sent Snakepeel (or another route requiring equivalent competency), at Joe’s Garage, Cochrane Lane.

- Up to two more member can be added as required in the future, as determined by the Bylaws.

- Candidates for President must have held a previous executive position with Ascent.

- Expenses less than or equal to $500 can be made on authority of the The Executive.

- Executive meetings will be held quarterly, with a month's notice.

- Quorum for The Executive meetings is 66%.

- Minutes for The Executive meetings will be recorded for each meeting by the Secretary/Treasurer.


7. Meetings.

- Minutes will be recorded for each meeting by the Secretary/Treasurer.

- Notices of meetings will be given by the Vice President.

- Special Meetings can be held at any time, with at least a week’s notice and require 25% quorum to pass any votes.

- A Special Meeting can only be called with support of a majority of the Executive, or a majority of the Directors, or at least 50% of the general membership.

- Upon abdication, The Executive and The Board of Directors can appoint a replacement if over half way through their term.  If not over halfway through the term, a Special Meeting can be called to elect a replacement.

- Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held yearly, with a month’s notice.  Must be held within a month of notice given.

- Quorum for AGM is 33%.

- The location and date and time of the AGM will be decided by the Executive.

- Elections are held at the AGM, and are managed by the President.

- All voting is done either by show of hands, or by other means at the discretion of the Executive.

- Any and all meetings can, if necessary, be carried out by electronic media.

- Each member has one vote.

- Voting by proxy will not be allowed.


8. Bylaws.

- Bylaws can be enacted, repealed, and amended at AGMs and Special Meetings.

- A simple majority of attendees is required to enact, repeal, or amend a Bylaw.


9. Finance.

- A bank account will be kept by Ascent, with access by two members of the Executive.

- Fundraising and expenditure guidelines will be determined by the Bylaws.


10. Dissolution.

- Upon dissolution, the assets of Ascent will be divided equally between all members.


11. Amendments to the Constitution.

- Quorum is required to make amendments to the Constitution.

- Quorum for Constitutional changes is 33%.

- Constitutional changes require a yea vote of at least 66%.

- Constitutional changes will be drafted by the Board of Directors.