About Us

About Us

Our Mandate

Ascent New Brunswick is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization whose primary goal is to acquire and preserve access to local climbing areas.

The Past and Present

Over the years, different climbing clubs in New Brunswick have been the face for climbing here.  The UNB Rock and Ice Club has had an enduring and strong presence and positive impact on the local climbing community.  Over the years things have changed with the club and community's relationship, and in 2012 certain club executive and members decided it was time to make a break and establish a fully autonomous body whose sole purpose was to represent climbers in New Brunswick and act to protect our beloved areas.

Thus, in September 2013, at the inaugural AGM of Ascent New Brunswick, a new face arose for climbers' interests in our province.  At this AGM, the constitution was read, altered to accommodate objections, and then voted in unanimously.  The two levels of executive were elected as well.  Since then Ascent New Brunswick has achieved it's goal of acquiring access agreements at nearly all of NB's crags.   The current officers of Ascent New Brunswick are as follows:


  • President - Greg Hughes
  • Vice President - Kristy McClellan
  • Treasurer - Mike Delaney

Board of Directors

  • Steve Adamson
  • Joe Kennedy
  • Adam Morgan
  • Shawn Bethune