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Ascent New Brunswick is thrilled to announce that it has successfully negotiated with CFB Gagetown for better access to Welsford Crags!

Over recent years, there have been a lot of closures of Welsford climbing areas due to military training exercises on the base. We recognized that our cliffs were included in a large area where training almost exclusively took place many kilometers from Welsford. In light of the distances involved, we requested a small sub area be created for climbers who wanted to go to Welsford crags. CFB Gagetown was very receptive to this idea and agreed to the creation of a special sub-area covering both Cochrane Lane and Mount Doug!

This means training in the rest of the base will no longer necessarily result in closures at the cliffs. This amendment to the areas began in the spring of 2017 and since that time there have been no closures of Welsford crags due to military training exercises. As a matter of fact, so far this year there have been zero closures of the Cochrane Lane cliffs, while Sunnyside and Mount Douglas have only been closed for 4 days due to the moose hunting season.

Ascent New Brunswick is extremely pleased with this new access arrangement with CFB Gagetown. The military have been absolutely fantastic to deal with and very accommodating toward climbers now. Let's keep this new arrangement secure by renewing your Ascent New Brunswick memberships (or purchasing one if you have not), calling in and out to Range Control, and respecting the land.

Our community is very strong and should continue to enjoy great access to climbing if we all stick together. 

Thank you for your cooperation.

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  1. As a member and Past Pres of the Saint John Outdoor Enthusiasts Club and Pres of the Outdoor Enthusiast of Fredericton I congratulate you on being able to come to an arrangement with CFB for these two hiking and climbing areas which have been used by both groups for over 30 years.
    Please keep me informed of any changes to your current arrangement.

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