Rock School Recap

dsc_0002Sunday September 25th saw Ascent NB hold its first ever Beginner Rock School at Cochrane Lane!

The day began windy and chilly but the sun broke through and shone on the 25 participants who braved a windy day at LShape/Joe's. Students learned their figure8 and how to belay before tackling a few routes. This was followed up by a rappelling lesson at the Lookout.



Everyone had a blast despite the half dozen cold but short rain showers that had us all worried it was the end of our day.  Instead each shower passed and the sun kept coming back to warm us up.  All were knackered by the end of the day and no doubt pretty sore the next day (or two!).



A big thank you to the instructors for helping to put this event on, and a huge thank you must go to UNB Rock and Ice for partnering with Ascent NB and helping to carry the torch of climbing in NB forward. The event raised nearly $1000 towards covering Ascent's insurance bill, and is a big step towards becoming self-sufficient!

We'll be holding another rock school next year in September.  If there's enough demand we may also hold one in the spring.  Fire an email to to sign up for information on the next rock school!


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