Membership Renewal Changes and Member Cards

Here is an important message regarding membership renewal.

As some of you may be aware we are about to change the timing of membership renewal for all members.  Beginning in 2017, April 1 will be the ANB membership renewal date as opposed to scattered throughout the year as it is now.  The reason for the change is to simplify the member list update process for Range Control.  We are also mandated by our constitution to make this change now that we have an established membership base.

As we move closer to that date we believe it is only fair to pro-rate any membership renewals and purchases between now and April 1.  To determine what you will need to pay for your membership multiply the number of months between the time of purchase to April by $3.  A standard membership works out to a bit more than that per month but $3 is fine.  So for example if you were to renew or purchase a membership today you would need to pay $27 (9 months x $3).  Once again the best way to pay is online through Paypal but you can also pay by cash or cheque.

If you want to pay in person, any member of the Ascent New Brunswick board or executive will accept your payment.  On the subject of membership cards – all members are entitled to member cards and we will get them to you.  If you do not have a card please contact Kristy McClellan if you are in the Saint John area, Adam Morgan if you are in Fredericton, or Greg Hughes if you are in the Moncton area to arrange for delivery of your card.

Once again thanks for your support!

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