Climber Self-Rescue II Recap

DSC03366Ascent New Brunswick held its second self rescue training session on Sunday, April 16th, this time at the familiar Lookout at Cochrane Lane Cliffs, Welsford, NB. Once again the event was a great success!

DSC034376 instructors led 15 eager and adept participants through Climber Self-Rescue II. Several rather involved skills were covered on a beautiful day that would have otherwise been spent climbing instead!

Self Rescue I & II are intended to give climbers the skills they need for situations that hopefully never happen. So many climbers develop their rope skills eagerly but slack off after learning to lead. Leading propels us into the situations where so much more can go wrong, and it is here that we need to know how to help ourselves without hesitation.  With Self-Rescue I & II, climbers can learn how to help themselves when the situation goes south and hopefully pDSC03454revent the worst from happening.

All course fees go to support the Roped Rescue Team, an initiative borne of Ascent New Brunswick.  The funds raised by Self Rescue I & II have thus far raised over $1500 and have paid for two bomber static lines for the Roped Rescue Team.DSC03335

A big thanks to the instructors, led by Shawn Bethune and Greg Hughes, with Steve Adamson, Joey Kennedy, Chris Hennigar, and Adam Morgan.

At this point we have full intentions of holding these training sessions next year, so stay tuned!!





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