Self-Rescue I Recap

Ascent NB recently held its first ever Climber Self-Rescue I course! A big thank you to CFB Gagetown and Renée Racine for hosting the event.

selfrescue.jan16.1SRI was a success with 15 participants and 7 instructors spending the day at Base Gagetown's climbing wall covering the knots and skills necessary in self-rescue situations. It was a lot of information for one day, but everyone picked it up quickly and came away with a huge boost in their ability to help themselves when they are in trouble.

$730 was raised and will go towards purchasing ropes and other equipment needed by the Roped selfrescue.jan16.2Rescue team.

Thanks to Greg Hughes and Shawn Bethune for doing a fantastic job as lead instructors, and to the other volunteers, Steve Adamson, Max Fisher, Chris Hennigar, Joe Kennedy, and Adam Morgan.


A Self-Rescue II course will be offered April 17th, and will build upon the skills learned in level I (more details to come).  SRI or an equivalent course is a prerequisite for SRII. We will schedule another Self-Rescue Level I course this autumn if we can get another 15 participants.

Contact Chris Hennigar at to let him know you're interested in either course!selfrescue.jan16.3

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