Safety Alert – Updates

Both recent Safety Alerts are now over thanks to the volunteer efforts of our community.

Some Enchanted Evening (Cochrane Lane)

Joe's Garage/L-Shape, probably the most popular area at Cochrane Lane, has had the hazardously hanging dead fall removed. Marty Thériault managed to safely dislodge the dead-hanging tree and trundle it from its high perch. It apparently gave Marty a good battle to actually dislodge it completely despite just "hanging there".

Dihelio (Sunnyside)

The loose fourth bolt on this very popular route has been replaced. It is impressive to see the effect of what must be dozens (or even hundreds at this point) of falls on this bolt over the years; the bolt would not come out with manual force, but was clearly jiggling within the hole. The new bolt is about 15cm up and left from the original, and is now on a vertical plane. This should prevent the same mechanics from loosening it in the future.

Have at it! - Adam

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