Member Stories – In their own words – Part 1

The community is showing itsĀ support of Ascent New Brunswick by becoming members. Over the next weeks we will be sharing some of their reasons for joining in their own words.

If you haven't already, please support Ascent today by becoming a member.



Peter "PJ" Adamson

I've been climbing for 22 years all over North America, and every major climbing center that I climbed at had a governing organization in charge of protecting access, except for New Brunswick. That changed recently with the formation of Ascent NB.

Sooner or later there will be an access issue concerning the areas we like to play, and I believe that if we have a strong organization in place to handle such an issue we will be more likely to come out ahead.

It is for the above reasons that I support Ascent NB and its stated mission.










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