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This week Ascent NB is starting it's push for membership. Our aim is cliffs open for climbing. That should be something everyone can get behind. If you are a member of the local climbing community we're asking for your support by becoming an official member. You can purchase memberships via Paypal here, or in person from any Ascent NB exec member.

What we've been doing this winter to win your support:

  • We've organized. Since our kickoff public meetings last fall we've become a legal non-profit organization with a mission that is focused on access. We're set up online and at the bank and we're ready to roll.
  • We've engaged landowners. We've begun working with the folks who own the land that we climb on and the relationships are looking good. We're working towards long-term access-agreements with 2 major organizations that will see access to about 75% of the rock & ice routes in this province secured for everyone.
  • We've pulled through in a crux. When the popularity of the Hatchery exploded it created an issue. Access through the approach trail was closed and we were left without our new prize ice. Ascent N.B. built a good relationship with the landowner and quickly worked out a solution that got us climbing again.

Why we need you to join: 

  • It's time to show your support! When we work with organizations, companies, and other groups there is strength in numbers. We want to be representing most climbers in New Brunswick and we can't claim that unless you sign up. If you support our cause you should join our cause.
  • Freedom is never free. Liability insurance to protect the landowner is the key to winning 2 major access agreements in the near future. This costs money. There will be some other costs as well. We're working on a number of ways to keep the costs of membership as low as possible but your contribution will be an important part of the solution.

For students, an annual membership will cost about the same as a locker and for everyone else it will cost no more than a quick draw. That's a good investment. You can join us online today.

Let us know your questions. Email us, or comment below. Show your support. Share this with your climbing partners and get the word out. We'd like to hit 100 members in a month. Let's make it happen!

Thanks... the Ascent N.B. exec.

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