NB Climbing Area Maps

Ascent NB is happy to present maps of the rock and ice climbing areas of New Brunswick. Click on climber icons projected on the great relief map to find area specific information. Check them out! You can also find links to them in the menu above for quick reference. A big thank you to Chris Nofork Norfolk […]

Raison d’être

In hopes of answering questions about our vision and our reason for being, the Ascent NB executive penned this release… http://ascentnb.com/about-us/ascent-nbs-reason-for-being/

First Executive Meeting

This past weekend the two levels of executive met for the first time to discuss our plan moving forward.  As part of our effort to exist as transparently as possible, we will be posting all the minutes of meetings to the website.  Take a look if you are interested in what was discussed. Joint Executive […]

Our new logo!

A big thank you to Steve MacLeod for designing our new logo!  Expect to see some tshirts in the coming year 😀  

Find a partner

While our local forum is as good as it gets for finding local partners, here’s a site dedicated to the task.  Seems like a good idea – wonder how it’ll play out. http://www.climbfind.com/

Trail maintenance

While it wasn’t actually an Ascent NB event (next year it will be), the community’s annual trail maintenance day went very well.  We did a good job up there, remediating the erosion issues on the Lower Dawn Wall approach trail, applying some drainage to the soggy section of the main trail just before you head […]

Ascent New Brunswick’s Constitution

Well hey we took our first official step the other weekend.  About 25 people from around the province came together and voted in our constitution and elected our executives.  A lot of concensus arose at the meeting and all seems very encouraging.  Details to come!

Inaugural Annual General Meeting – September 14th, 10:30am

After a year of information and support gathering meetings, we are ready to begin our official existence!  Please join us at the end of Cochrane Lane at 10:30am, on Saturday 14th, September.   Afterwards enjoy a day of climbing at the foremost area we seek to protect. Items to be covered: Raison d’Etre Vote on Constitution […]


Welcome to the Ascent New Brunswick wesbite!  Check back regularly for updates on news and local happenings in the New Brunswick climbing community.